Contact Information

Carleton Computer Security Lab (CCSL) is directed by Prof. Paul C. Van Oorschot, with Prof. Lianying (Viau) Zhao as Associate director. Carleton Internet Security Lab (CISL) is co-directed by Prof. AbdelRahman Abdou and Prof. David Barrera, with Prof. Anil Somayaji as Associate Director. Contact respective lab directors for questions/comments. You can also contact any of the research members directly.

Finding the Labs

CCSL and CISL are both located on the fifth floor of the Herzberg Laboratories building of the beautiful Carleton campus. CCSL is room HP5145, while CISL is HP5166 just across the hallway.

Carleton's mailing address:

Carleton University.
1125 Colonel By Drive.
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1S 5B6.