CISL Directors

  • AbdelRahman Abdou

    CISL Co-director

    abdou (at)
  • David Barrera

    CISL Co-director

    david.barrera (at)
  • Anil Somayaji

    CISL Associate Director

    soma (at)

CCSL Directors

  • Paul C. Van Oorschot

    CCSL Founding Director

    paulv (at)
  • Lianying Zhao

    CCSL Director

    Lianying.Zhao (at)


.. with their CCSL+CISL and external supervisor(s)


We work with other Security Researchers at Carleton University, including:

Recent Alumni

  • Christopher Bellman (Aug 2022). On Security Best Practices, Systematic Analysis of Security Advice, and Internet of Things Devices. Ph.D.
  • Muhammad Oshman (Jan 2022). Assessing Security in the Multi-stakeholder Premise of 5G: A Survey and an Adapted Security Metrics Approach. Master's Degree
  • Yusef Karim (Dec 2021). Criteria for Securing Operating Systems Supporting Low-End Devices in the Internet of Things. Master's Degree
  • William Findlay (Aug 2021). A Practical, Lightweight, and Flexible Confinement Framework in eBPF. Master's Degree
  • Ali Jahromi (Apr 2021). Survey and Evaluation of Secure DNS-Alternatives. Master's Degree
  • Christopher Bennett (Jan 2021). Search Engines that Scan for Internet-connected Services: Classification and Empirical Study. Master's Degree
  • Basma Chandid (Aug 2020). Empirical Use of Network Time Protocol in Internet of Things Devices: Vulnerabilities and Security Measures. Master's Degree
  • Corentin Thomasset (Jul 2020). SERENIoT : Politiques de sécurité collaboratives pour maisons connectées. Master's Degree
  • Anis Ghazvinian (Dec 2019). Understanding User Trust Processes in Internet Applications. Master's Degree
  • Vidhi Shah (Dec 2019). User Acceptance of Online Tracking if 'Forgetting' was an Option. Master's Degree
Full list of Alumni can be found here.


If you are passionate about Internet security research, and you believe you have what it takes to joining our group as a graduate student, we have open Master's and PhD positions.

Before contacting us, please ensure that you satisfy the admission requirements of the program you are applying to. You should be able to find relevant information under each program, including deadlines and how to apply. If you are an international applicant, you will find useful resources in the International Students page of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA).

If you are a prospective grad student interested in working with one or more of the professors in CCSL or CISL, please fill out this form. You will need a free Google (gmail) account to do this.